Saturday, September 3, 2011

For the love of Dance!

I guess I could ask you all what you think of the Blogger update, but I don't really know myself yet. It certainly tells me more at first glance but I might need to explore a little further before I actually have an opinion on the update.

This week has been so much fun.

Jaz started dancing this week - I mean, technically she has been 'dancing' since before she could walk. She would sit and rock and sway and throw her arms about with abandon any time she heard anything that resembled music. But this week Jaz went to her first dance class and it was love at first step!

in her pink leotard and floaty skirt my nearly four year old walked straight into class, without her usual shyness and proceeded to follow all instructions from her gorgeous dance instructor. Or is she a teacher? I dont know. I never did dancing. This is all very new to me.

I remember when I was pregnant with Jaz. I had very firm ideas about how my children were not going to be prgrammed to the hilt, they would not be enrolled in all these extra curricular activities like so many kids are these days. Pfft. I didn't count on over a year of "Muuuummmm, but when can I do dancing? When? How old do I have to be? Do I have to be a school girl? Can I go now? Muuuuum I want to do dancing! Puhhhhleeeze" Yeah, I didn't see that coming. At least not yet. I thought that would start around the time school did. Silly disillusioned Mumma!!!

I eventually relented and told her that after the wedding was done and we came home from Bali I would look into dance classes. Well no sooner had we touched down at Tullamarine, driven home and had a nap than Jaz woke up and asked if she could go to dancing now. It was time.

So earlier this week along we trotted. And look at how adorable she looked

Just sooo excited!